The Summer 2024 session is scheduled to start on June 18, 2024. For further details, including the registration page please go to physics.berkeley.edu/reyes

    The Remote Experience for Young Engineers and Scientists (REYES) is a program designed to help aspiring scientists by providing free access to broad classes of enriching educational experiences. REYES takes place over the summer, and anybody around the world is welcomed to register.

    The activities hosted by the REYES program include:

    Virtual live lectures by experts: REYES invites engaging lecturers from top institutions across the world, who are working on some the more fascinating and cutting research in STEM. The lectures are open to the general public and aimed at high school and college students. Join

    Free virtual classes: Each year, the REYES team hosts free classes that are designed to provide you with practical knowledge of basic tools needed to succeed in a STEM field. The classes hosted vary per year. Since the start of the program, REYES has regularly hosted its most popular class, Python4Physics, which gives students a fun introduction to programming with immediate application to problems in Physics and STEM, in general.

    Virtual mentoring program: REYES also hosts a research-bases mentoring program. The mentors come from different institutions across the globe. The mentors will guide students through a project that could last between 4-8 weeks. Depending on the project, participants are expected to meet at least once a week with the mentor. Depending on the number of available mentors, only a small number of participants will be able to be matched with mentors.

    Since 2020, the REYES program has been able to reach tens of thousands of students across the globe. This program continues to date thanks to the support of the N3AS Physics Frontier Center. N3AS provides administrative support for the program.

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