Towards a unified treatment of ΔS=0 parity violation in low-energy nuclear processes

Susan Gardner, Girish Muralidhara.


We revisit the unified treatment of low-energy hadronic parity violation espoused by Desplanques, Donoghue, and Holstein to the end of an ab initio treatment of parity violation in low-energy nuclear processes within the Standard Model. We use our improved effective Hamiltonian and precise non-perturbative assessments of the quark charges of the nucleon within lattice QCD to make new assessments of the parity-violating meson-nucleon coupling constants. Comparing with recent, precise measurements of hadronic parity violation in few-body nuclear reactions, we find improved agreement with these experimental results, though some tensions remain. We thus note the broader problem of comparing low-energy constants from nuclear and few-nucleon systems, considering, too, unresolved theoretical issues in connecting an ab initio, effective Hamiltonian approach to chiral effective theories. We note how future experiments and lattice QCD studies could sharpen the emerging picture, promoting the study of hadronic parity violation as a laboratory for testing “end-to-end” theoretical descriptions of weak processes in hadrons and nuclei at low energies.