Unmatched Precision on Neutrino Oscillation Parameters using Complementarity between DUNE and T2HK

Speaker(s) Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla (Institute of Physics, India)

Please contact erule@berkeley.edu for zoom links.

In this talk, I will discuss in detail the capabilities of the next-generation high-precision long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments DUNE (in US) and T2HK (in Japan) in isolation and combination to address the major unknowns in the three-flavor neutrino oscillation paradigm. I will show how the possible complementarity/synergy among the on-axis DUNE and off-axis T2HK experiments can enhance the prospects of precise measurements of the two most uncertain oscillation parameters: atmospheric mixing angle (θ23) and the Dirac CP phase (𝛿CP) at the early stages of these experiments, suppressing the parameter degeneracies in three-flavor neutrino oscillation.