Dirac Neutrinos & Spectral Distortions to the Cosmic Neutrino Background

Speaker(s) Evan Grohs

Please contact erule@berkeley.edu or anupam.ray@berkeley.edu for zoom links.

The neutrino sector in particle physics and cosmology contains many unanswered questions. The mechanism which generates neutrino masses still remains a mystery, and as a result so does the nature of Dirac versus Majorana character. In addition, cosmological parameters estimate the energy density of the neutrino background and have little to say about the shape of the relic spectra. In this talk, I will focus on two applications of neutrino cosmology: populating Dirac states in the cosmological neutrino background via anomalous magnetic moments; and leveraging primordial abundances and cosmological parameters to infer neutrino spectral distortions. Although independent, both tracks offer paths forward to investigating the nature of neutrinos in cosmology and particle physics.