Neutrinoless double beta decay in effective field theory

Speaker(s) Wouter Dekens (INT, University of Washington)

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Neutrinoless double beta decay (NLDBD) is the most sensitive probe of lepton-number violation. Its discovery would be a clear signal of physics beyond the Standard Model, confirm the Majorana nature of neutrinos, and provide insight into scenarios of baryogenesis through leptogenesis. Whenever lepton-number violation arises at a scale well above the electroweak scale, it can be described by effective interactions in an effective-field theory framework. In this talk, I will outline the steps necessary to assess the impact of these interactions on NLDBD half lives, paying special attention to the matching of the effective interactions onto Chiral Effective Theory at low energies.

In addition, I will discuss how this framework can be extended to include the effects of light sterile neutrinos and give an overview of the resulting constraints on the lepton-number violating interactions.