REU Project ID 1.4

Hardware design and construction for direct detection of dark matter

Prof. Matt Pyle

If dark matter is composed of particles with a mass anywhere throughout the 12 order of mass range from a neutrino to a proton, then their interactions with matter are both rare and deposit an incredibly small amount of energy in the detector. The Pyle lab’s primary goal is to increase the sensitivity of cryogenic calorimeter detector technology so that such signals can be seen. Though the precise projects for next year aren’t currently known, these are the projects of undergraduate researchers in the Pyle lab in the summer of 2020:

1. Design and fabrication of 55Fe x-ray fluoresence calibration source (skills learned: python, solidworks, ray optics)

2. The design, fabrication, and testing of a mDm connector breakout box(skills learned: PCB board design, soldering, basic lab skills)

3. The design, and fabrication of Helmholtz DC B-field system (skills learned: python, magneto-statics, solidworks, soldering, wire stripping)

4. The design, and fabrication of scintillating crystal housing (skills learned: solidworks, reflection properties of various materials)