Amol Patwardhan

Amol Patwardhan


Amol completed his PhD in Physics in 2017 from UC San Diego, with Prof. George Fuller as his research advisor. He previously graduated from IIT Bombay in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics. During his time as an N3AS fellow, Amol was based at UW-Madison from 2017-2019, and at the Institute for Nuclear Theory (U. Washington) from 2019-2020. He then moved to SLAC to take up a postdoctoral research associate position in the particle theory group. In 2023, Amol began a new appointment at the University of Minnesota. Amol maintains his ties to N3AS through continued collaboration with his former colleagues, as well as through his involvement as a mentor in the N3AS undergraduate research program.

Amol’s research interests include neutrino physics, nuclear and particle astrophysics, and cosmology. In particular, he has worked on modelling neutrino flavor and spin transformations in astrophysical environments, and is also interested in various dark sector models and their astrophysical implications. Additionally, he is also interested in studying astrophysical nucleosynthesis, particularly pertaining to the role of neutrinos.

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