Evan Grohs

Evan Grohs


Evan graduated from University of Chicago in 2005 with a B.A. in physics and mathematics.  He worked for three years in industry before he returned to academia to do research in nuclear astrophysics.  Evan received his PhD in 2015 from University of California San Diego where he worked with George Fuller.  After completing his PhD, Evan accepted a postdoc at University of Michigan working with Fred Adams.

Evan Grohs joined N3AS in 2017, spending  the first two years at Los Alamos National Lab,then moving to Berkeley in his third year. He now holds an Assistant Research Professor position at North Carolina State University.

Evan’s research centers on neutrino cosmology.  His focus is on the quantum kinetics of neutrino decoupling which occurs roughly one second after the big bang.  Using high-precision numerical calculations, Evan attempts to put constraints on physics beyond the standard model, primarily by using primordial abundances and cosmic microwave background observables. In addition, Evan’s interest in nuclear astrophysics lies in investigating the unique characteristics of nature in the context of fine-tuning arguments.

Research Publications