REU Topic: Condensed Matter Physics

    Prof. Jeff Neaton
    Using density functional theory and related methods, and working closely with experimental groups, we will explore the structure, photophysics, transport properties of novel quantum materials [...]
    Prof. Zi Q. Qiu
    In this REU project, students will learn the basic principle of Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect (MOKE) and apply MOKE to the study of magnetic ultrathin films [...]
    Prof. Mike Zaletel
    When atomically thin layers of graphene are stacked with a relative twist between them, the moire pattern formed by the beating between their crystal structures generates an superlattice for the motion of the electrons in the bilayer [...]
    Prof James Analytis
    This experimental project will expose students to advanced techniques in materials synthesis and characterization, leveraging the vast facilities at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. After synthesizing new materials, students will use […]