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    Dark Matter Catalyzed Baryon Destruction

    WIMP-type dark matter may have additional interactions that break baryon number, leading to induced nucleon decays which are subject to direct experimental constraints from proton decay experiments. In this work, […]

  • Vincent Lee


    Vincent Lee

    Vincent Lee completed his Ph.D. in physics at Caltech under the supervision of Prof. Kathryn Zurek.  His research involves probing dark matter using various astrophysical systems and direct detection experiments, with a […]

  • Kelsey Lund


    Kelsey Lund

    Kelsey Lund earned her PhD from North Carolina State University, where she worked under the supervision of Gail McLaughlin. She previously graduated from the UCSD with a B.S. in Physics […]

  • Aviral Prakash


    Aviral Prakash

    Aviral Prakash earned his PhD at the Pennsylvania State University in 2024, working with Prof. David Radice. He is expected to start his N3AS fellowship in the Fall semester of […]

  • Divya Singh


    Divya Singh

    Divya Singh finished her PhD at the Pennsylvania State University in 2024, working in the PSU-LIGO group with Chad Hanna and B. Sathyaprakash. Her research has focused on gravitational-wave searches […]

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